Sweaterscapes Fjord Pillow Pattern

Fjord Pillow Chart

Fjord Pillow Instructions

Knitted measurement
Pillow measures 15" square. A specific size for a pillow is not critical.
Note about yarns: I used Harrisville Designs 2-ply yarn. If you use another yarn you like and know from experience with it that it works best knit on a different size needle than recommended, use what you think is appropriate. You don't want your knitting to be too loose for a pillow.

1 pair size 6 needles.
· 1 pair size 5 double pointed needles for I-cord edging. Optional.
· Yarn: For pillow front: 1 oz each of the six colors indicated on the chart.
· For the pillow back: 4 oz skein of yarn, or if you choose not to knit the back, a piece of fabric. Velvet or a velour is a good choice with a nice feel.
· Tapestry needle
· 15" pillow insert. If it's possible that your gauge won't give you a 15" pillow, then hold off purchasing it until you are finished with the cover. You can make one just the right size as well. Optional, if you are inserting a zipper to make a removable cover.
· Zipper to sew along one side of the pillow. Optional. I found it easy to put in when I knit the back of the cover. Working with a fabric back was more difficult, but sewing is not my forte.

Gauge: 5 sts/inch by 7.5 rows/inch

Pillow Front
With size 6 needles cast on 78 stitches with color A. Follow the chart through row 115, unless you find that the ratio of your stitch to row is different. Then you might want to eliminate or add some rows of sky at the end to keep your pillow square. Bind off, weave in the ends, and block.

Pillow Back
If you want a knitted back, knit a piece the same size as the front. Otherwise, cut a piece of fabric that size.

If you are going to put in a zipper, double crochet along the side edge of the pillow front (and back if knitted) where the zipper will go. This keeps the edge from rolling and gives it a nice easy edge to sew down. Finish sewing the other three sides together after the zipper is in.

I-Cord Edging
With double pointed needles and yarn color of your choice, cast on 5 stitches.
Work cord as follows: Knit 5, do not turn work to the purl side, but push the stitches to the other end of the needle so that you can knit them again. You will be carrying the yarn across the back of the stitches. Continue to knit this way until the cord fits around the outside of the pillow. Do not cut the yarn yet in case it's not long enough. If you need to make it a bit longer, you won't have to tie the yarn on again. Use a crochet hook to create a loop at the bottom of the I-cord and pick up the bars of yarn carried across the back, row by row, the way you would work an accidentally dropped stitch back up a knitted piece. Stitch the cord around the outside of the pillow.

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