Knitter's Graph Paper

After knitting a test swatch using the yarn and needles you intend to use, measure the stitch gauge and the row gauge.

If you don't require a specific gauge, and want a simple sheet of knitter's graph paper, click here and print. (the chart's ratio is 1.33)

Next, to determine the proportions of height versus width, or 'aspect ratio' of your gauge, divide the number of rows by the number of stitches.

For example, if you knit a 4-inch square and you measured 27 rows x 21 stitches, divide 27 by 21 = 1.28   This is your aspect ratio.

Select the number in the chart at right that is closest to your answer, and print the page of graph paper that is displayed, using standard letter size paper. The printed chart will come very close to the correct proportions of the swatch you knit, and will work well for charting your design for your knitting gauge.

The graph paper may not appear uniform when viewed on your computer screen, depending upon your monitor's resolution. The printed graph paper will turn out properly proportioned.

Please note: If your printer offers a scaling option, to fill, shrink, or scale the page, choose 'none'. Print it unchanged.

If you want a piece of regular 'non-knitters' graph paper, with equal spacing of rows and columns, click here and print. (1.00 ratio)

1.15 1.25 1.35 1.45 1.55
1.16 1.26 1.36 1.46 1.56
1.17 1.27 1.37 1.47 1.57
1.18 1.28 1.38 1.48 1.58
1.19 1.29 1.39 1.49 1.59
1.20 1.30 1.40 1.50 1.60
1.21 1.31 1.41 1.51 1.61
1.22 1.32 1.42 1.52 1.62
1.23 1.33 1.43 1.53 1.63
1.24 1.34 1.44 1.54 1.64

Double-Knit Graph Paper
To create double-knit charts with different designs on each side of the knitted fabric use special double-knit graph paper.

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